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      Eluterio Lopez is a Queer latinX artist, born and raised in Lodi, Ca. They currently reside in the historic San Francisco neighborhood, Upper Haight. A vision they had for themselves since childhood. With years of alcohol abuse, Eluterio decided to give up his addiction and pursue an artistic career. Their art has been a guiding tool in becoming the person they are today. Their work hopes to inspire those around them to give oneself a chance to fall in love with their passions over their vices. They strive to create experiences through art that allows artists to come together to create and learn from one another without intimidation. Overcoming Imposter syndrome and social anxiety has been Eluterio’s main purpose for their art, as it allows them to connect with the community and share their story in hopes that others can see that we all have to start somewhere. Eluterio hopes to take what they've learned throughout their career and pass it along to any artist curious and passionate about their own work.

Featured at

The Faight Collective

473 Haight Street, San Francisco

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