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Let your imagination soar with Eluterio Lopez, the artist transforming his paintings into fashion. His art is a part of everyday life, his pieces will be sure to stop you in your tracks and make you embrace the beauty around you. From vibrant colors to captivating shapes, every design is crafted to make a statement. Let Eluterio's art awaken your inner creative and make your wardrobe one-of-a-kind.

The artist that is Eluterio Lopez

a Bay Area resident for over 10 years and currently resides in the historic Haight Ashbury area. He has always been drawn to the city, and his love for Janis Joplin is the reason he chose to call San Francisco his home. His passion for art began in his childhood, and he has since been inspired by urban landscape. Through his art, Eluterio seeks to capture the unique beauty of San Francisco and its people. With a vibrant, ever-evolving style, Eluterio's art shares the beauty of the city with the world.


His artwork is also inspired by their personal struggles and road to sobriety. Eluterio's work is a physical representation of his journey, and he hopes that it will inspire others to seek out the help they need to overcome their own personal obstacles. He is committed to staying sober from Alcohol and wants to spread the message of hope and resilience through his artwork.

an artist with an eye for detail and an ambition to create works of art that capture the beauty of the world around him. His passion for art has led to a style that is both unique and captivating. His work exclusively uses the primary colors of red, yellow and blue, while working quickly and spontaneously, he is able to capture the very essence of his subjects, resulting in a unique and visually striking style. 


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